Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 20 Patrijarha Varnave st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2457-157, 064/132-33-19

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Salon is located in the municipality of Novi Beograd, at 20 Patriarch Barnabas Street (formerly Street Filipa Kljajica) in Belgrade. Salon is open from 10 June 2005. Entry is open in a luxury apartment house in the high ground. The entrance to the lounge are a few steps from the street Patriarch Barnabas.
Working part salon makes room for hairdressing services and special part of the space for cosmetics. Salon owner Ljiljana Isic professional hairdresser with experience in domestic and international markets. Given the extensive experience in the hairdressing business and excellent knowledge of hair completes its work on research and patenting products for hair growth and hair dressing, made from 100% natural ingredients.
The preparation is named Godiva, according to which bears the name Salon.