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Address: 10d Bulevar Mihajla Pupina, lokal 44, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/311-98-18, 064/112-34-91

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Beauty salon La Marta (Goca) is located in the Boulevard of Mihajlo Pupin number 10d, shop 44, Belgrade, where we offer a large number of hairdressing and cosmetic services in one place, at the best prices in town.

For women we wanted primarily to provide a bit of time to devote to themselves and their appearance in a very pleasant atmosphere of the beauty salon, which aims to bring your beauty to perfection.

Our professional staff consists of hairdressers and beauticians with long experience, which we made available a wide range of its services.
To Your hairstyle has been modern, our team of stylists offers numerous hairdressing services:

- hair cutting
- blow drying
- hair dyeing
- Hair treatments
- hair extension
- Botox for hair
- Deep hair washing
- Highlights
- Development of formal hairstyles
- olaplex

- massages
- Relax
- Rindrop techniques
- Manicure
- pedicure
- nail extension
- Chiropody

Botox for hair is one of the latest treatments for dry and damaged hair, which makes hair healthier, shiny and soft.
If you want to make visible changes to your hair, beauty salon La Marta (Goca) recommends you Botox oreal hair products that will significantly improve the structure of the hair and give it volume without damaged regions.

To give your hair extra hydration and care, we recommend treatment of deep cleaning hair, which aims to regenerate your hair completely.

This treatment makes it possible to remove the remains of different products which are deposited on your hair and scalp.
After that, your hair will be lighter, brighter and more beautiful. In our work we use the products of the Italian house Seward Mediter which proved to be more than successful, much to the delight of our customers.

The rapid pace of life and the increasing stress to which we are daily exposed means that every individual need to relax.
In our beauty salon, in addition to the many hair and beauty services, we have all kinds of massages.

Anti-stress massage is a combination of therapeutic and relaxation massages.
In addition to helping relaxation, this massage is used for balance establishing but for removing tensions and painful conditions.
For this massage we use special anti-stress oils that have the effect of aromatherapy, because through the sense of smell affects the central nervous system.

Anitistres massage aims to cultivate the body and raises the general state of health.

One of the innovations in the beauty salon Marta (Goca) is a technique for relaxation, Raindrop technique that combines essential oils with massage and creates a truly memorable experience, at the same time acting on the health of your back. Enjoy and discover the benefits of this fantastic new methods of use of essential oils.

Olaplex be successfully used with other treatments such as hair coloring, highlights, bleaching (whitening), when chemical hair straightening, perming, while toning the hair (or gradient), as well as when placing the keratin. Also, this treatment can be used separately, or unrelated to the aforementioned treatments.

Olaplex treatment is unique in that it is a special chemical composition, which contains no silicon no oil, sulfate, ftalatalate, DEA (diethanolamine), aldehydes and is not tested on animals.

With the help of it is entirely possible to tie a cracked link in cuts, both during the chemical treatment and after care.
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Beauty Salon La Marta (Goca), Novi Beograd