Hairdressers Belgrade

Address: 65 Njegoseva st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 066/505-36-71

4/ 5stars

Hairdresser Hair Wave is located in 63 Njegoševa street New Belgrade, in Belgrade . The owner of the salon and its expert team of professional hairdressers will offer you a wide range of hairdressing services that will highlight your beauty and uniqueness .

Many years of experience , participation in numerous competitions and won awards for achieved success , as well as a large number of happy clients whose hair we have made their most beautiful fashion accessory , testify to the quality of our services and represent our best recommendation to all the ladies that keep the look of your hairstyle .

Services offered by our hair salon :

- Posh styling
- Perm that does not damage hair
- Brazilian hair straightening
- Hair dyeing
- Formal hairstyles
- Keratin hair care
- Piling and repair
- Hair
- Professional makeup
- Creating competitive hairstyles
- Modern lift long hair

If you have always wanted to have straight hair , our hair salon offers professional Brazilian hair straightening , Brazilian keratin of your choice - Coco Choco , Acai berry or Professional emmo dicotto . This method of hair straightening , make even the most disobedient curls perfectly flat , for your new hairstyle irresistible .

Hairdresser Hair Wave offers you the option to choose a perm that will not damage your hair and be proud of your hairstyle . Special techniques frizz , it will make you have a perfectly formed curls that will highlight your facial features .

If your hair is damaged in the middle of using different cosmetics or under the influence of the sun is the best way to recover and restore her to her former appearance is to make the depth of Keratin Hair Treatment in our salon and shine again take pride in the appearance of your hair .

Opt for a perm that will not damage your hair and be proud of your curls .

Keratin hair, your hair strands lend a seductive look.

Brazilian Keratin and Brazilian hair straightening for perfectly straight hair .