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Hairdressers Belgrade

Working hours

Monday 10:00 - 20:00
Tuesday 10:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 20:00
Thursday 10:00 - 20:00
Friday 10:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00
Sunday We are closed


  • Bus: 56, 51, 531, 532, 533

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Useful information

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Veolmis is a newly opened salon with a very pleasant ambiance and always cheerful staff.

Our rich assortment of services includes all kinds of hairstyling services, hair extensions, afro braids, eyebrow dyeing (powder eyebrows) as well as microblading. The latest techniques of hairstyling and hair-cutting, hair-highlighting (ombre, sombre, balayage, highlights), formal hairstyles, advice and professional education. In addition to standard services, you can also get: hair reconstruction treatments, in-depth hair revitalization, hair botox, hair loss treatment, anti-dandruff treatment. We also offer keratin hair straightening and much more. We use only Italian brand Helen Seward hair care products.

In addition to the ladies, we also give haircuts to the gentlemen as well.

Price list

Women’s services:
Women’s hairstyling between 350...800
Blow drying (promotion) for all lengths 350
Blow drying and hair styling between 650...950
Curling your hair (press/figaro) between 500...800
Formal hairstyles  between 1500...1900

Highlighting and dyeing
Dyeing grown out hair 700
Dyeing full lenght hair 700-1900
Highlights foil/blanche (ombre, sombre, balayage) with spills between 1500-3500
Additional highlighting dye 200 – 500
Bleaching 700 – 1900
Spill 500 – 1200

Hair botox .... 1000
Hair reconstruction treatments 1500 – 3000
Treatment against dandruff and for sebum regulation 800
Anti hair loss ampule 400
Dry and damaged hair ampule 400

Hair extensions (100% natural) .... 30000
Afro braids 15000
Japanese eyebrow drawing microblading (promotion) 7000
Eyebrow dyeing – powder eyebrows (promotion) ... 1200
Plasma-pen lift treatment 10000

About our product services:
A system for total hair reconstruction (remedy “Helen Seward”)
An exceptional formula that deeply cleans the scalp and hair. Filler mask as a revitalization treatment is based on natural materials that contain specific spherulite, amino acids from wheat, plyphenol from white grapes and avocado oil. As the final phase of full reconstruction we use the Remedu emulsion that creates a protective film, sticks the keratin panels to the hair and prevents the rinsing of active substances. This treatment is usually recommended as the final stage of hair colorizing and bleaching. It allows your hair to have better quality by the end of the treatment, than before the process was started.

Hair botox (Revive “Helen Seward”)
Serum for regeneration...lifting effect. With vegetative collagen + hyaluronic complex, the professional formula contains no sulphates, no coarse salt and guarantees delicate cleaning. It renews hair appearance and secures its form, volume, intensive hydration, excellent softness and incredible glow.

Microblading – Japanese eyebrow drawing
This method is famous as a treatment that gives your eyebrows a fully natural 3D appearance. The drawn hairs simulate the natural hair growth and make them look completely natural.

Eyebrow drawing – powder eyebrows
A method of dyeing eyebrows using special eyebrow dyes that in addition to the hairs themselves also gently shade the skin and  fill in the gaps. The result is the so-called eyebrow budder effect.


VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd
VEOLMIS Hairdressers Beograd