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Opening hours: weekdays 8-20h, Saturday 8-16h Location: Internal Clinic's Nada is located in Belgrade, the Ban's hill, near the municipality of Zemun and hotels in Kragujevac. Consultants are specialists in the Military Medical Academy professors, assistant professors and primarius, who have years of clinical experience in treating very serious and complex diseases.
Practice provides the following services: all types of specialist examinations, Doppler heart, Doppler blood vessels of the head, neck, arms, aorta, renal arteries, leg and abdominal ultrasound, prostate, breast, soft tissues, bones and joints. Also in the office you can browse through a Holter electrocardiogram (ECG over 24 hours), Holter arterial pressure (blood pressure recording during 24 h) and exercise testing, heart (Ergometry-burden by riding a bicycle). In consultation with a specialist is done for the stomach-gastroscopy, for colon-colonoscopy, the terminal part of the colon-recto-method incur. They can also to examine the surgical branch of medicne: general surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, urology, cardiovascular surgery. Specialist examinations do in practice and in your home. If you want you can do all kinds of blood and urine.
In the practice you can do for the heart and entire circulatory apparatus Cardioscreen 2009, which was first applied in our country. It is a completely new technology, which is obtained through bioelectrical impedance data on the number of heart and blood vessels on the basis of which it can assess whether you are healthy and there is a disorder that should be corrected. This information can be obtained by any other diagnostic method. It is recommended primarily for patients with high blood pressure with an accurate detection of the cause of hypertension, based on which further treatment is recommended. Cardioscreen be used for evaluation of heart patients who have an enlarged heart and a weakened heart muscle, as a guideline for further treatment and to monitor its effects. It is very important diagnostic tool in patients with fast-tiring or difficult breathing at the slightest exertion. The entire examination takes about 15 minutes and is completely painless (like a recording of the heart for ECG) and harmless to the patient.
Distinguished from others by surgery if possible diagnosis of angina pectoris by pharmacological stress test (stress echocardiography, stress test with dobutamine). It is very convenient for the elderly, patients who quickly tired, hardly moving, high pressure, and previous myocardial infarction. Pharmacological stress test with the heart it is the drug called Dobutamine. Allows double tracking of the heart by ultrasound and ECG, which is a big advantage compared to standard tests, because it gives greater assurance that it will be reported changes in cardiac muscle and coronary vessels and cardiac arrhythmias.
Doppler blood vessels (neck, head, arm, leg, renal arteries, aorta) is used to assess the condition of blood vessels, ie. their width, position and prominence of arteriosclerosis. If you find a significant narrowing or congestion (obstruction), it is a further form of treatment: medications, expansion of blood vessels with balloon and stenting or surgery.
Echocardiography (heart ultrasound) - for which estimates the appearance of the heart, its size, condition of the heart muscle, changes in heart valves, the width of the aorta, the presence of fluid in the pericardial handkerchief. Provides a wealth of information both about the appearance of the heart, and on his work. It is extremely important and should be applied at least once a year.
Ultrasound abdomen (liver, spleen, gall bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands, aorta, lymph glands), prostate, breast, thyroid, soft tissues, bones and joints - is used for the registration status of these bodies as a guideline for further treatment. Recommended for patients who have health problems, as well as healthy people to control.
Ergometry - a test in which the heart oterećuje during physical activity - riding a bike while monitoring ECG and blood pressure. It is used for chest pain, suspected angina, assessing the severity of angina pectoris, myocardial infarction patients with high blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances.
Holter ECG - ECG (heart rate) is recorded 24 hours and recorded primarily arrhythmias. Serves to reveal the severity of arrhythmias, how often it occurs and whether it threatens the life of the patient, as well as for assessing the effect of treatment. Also applied for diagnosis of angina pectoris and assess its severity. Holter arterial pressure-blood pressure is measured 24 hours, during the day at 15 minutes, and at night for 30 minutes. Our survey assesses the degree of hypertension, time of day when the pressure is greatest and therefore determines the treatment. It also serves to assess the effectiveness of the drugs in treating high blood pressure.
Gastroscopy is a preview of the stomach from the inside through the probe that is through the mouth and esophagus into the stomach is placed. In this method revealed an ulcer or duodenal ulcers, inflammation of the mucous membranes of Helicobacter pylori infections, benign and malignant tumors, stomach hernia and effect of treatment. Viewing takes a few minutes and can be completed in anesthesia. Colonoscopy is the examination of the colon through the tube. We recommend the application of anesthesia to reduce discomfort and pain. It is used for diagnosing colon cancer, polyps, bleeding, inflammation, and to remove minor changes - polyps. We hope that you will be satisfied by visiting our office, service quality and improving your health.