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Help at home - nurse services "Steady Hand"
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You, who are successful in business, you know that the greatest source of stress to find a balance between taking care of business, childcare, personal problems and concerns of older family members, especially if they are ill or disabled. When it pitanjupomoć at home elderly and sick, the agency steady hand is there to take care of.

No doubt you want your elderly and sick family member is in good hands and that he has what he needs. You just pull up to your desires and needs, and the agency steady hand is there for home help to the elderly.

In addition, our agency provides services and cleaning and maintenance of residential, commercial properties and buildings. Cleaning the entrance (stairs).

Home help for the elderly and disabled persons include:

     ongoing services caretakers, lasting from 3 to 10 hours a day
     assistance to the elderly couple times a week or month

Assistance to the elderly and sick people around doing chores involves the following activities:

     meal preparation
     washing, hygiene and bed preparation
     payment of bills
     go to the drug store to get medicine
     help with personal hygiene (bathing, dressing)
     visit the doctor