Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 13 Hercegovacka st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2196-276, 3160-780, 3166-822

4.5/ 5stars

HOME FOR THE ELDERLY "MOJA OAZA" has a work permit by the Ministry of Labour and Public Welfare.
Home for the Elderly MOJA OAZA opened with the aim of providing high quality services to older people (mobile, fixed, low-mobile) in the atmosphere. Standard service includes accommodation, meals, a variety of social activities, companionship and a complete medical treatment.
User accommodation is in comfortable rooms (single, double, triple, quadruple, intensive care unit) that are customized to each user with all necessary equipment.
Nutrition's a high-level adjusted's general condition. Special diets required for diabetics, hypertensives, people with heart disease and others. Food is being prepared in our kitchen that is separated from buildings and being looked after by our cook.
The social worker of our institution in addition to providing professional social work services is in charge and to cooperate with all social institutions in the exercise of certain rights of users.
We offer exceptional quality services to our expert medical team: - emergency medicine - physician psychiatrist - physiotherapist (5 days / week) - Nurses - technicians (24 hour supervision) - nurses - nurses - nurses
Medical staff have been educated and trained to perform all medical-technical actions: - daily monitoring of vital functions of the user (blood pressure, heart rate, temperature measurement) - general cleaning of users that are conducted in accordance with the standards related to prevention of the formation of pressure ulcers - general hygiene guide - provide per-os therapy - injections (imivsc infusion solutions) - Approval of insulin therapy, measurement of serum glucose level, providing therapy in case of hypo-or hyperglycemia - Placement, rinsing and replacement of catheters - Care and anus replacement discs - bandaging and dressing of wounds and others.
Special services offered by our institution as reviews of doctors of all specialties in our home as well as complete laboratory analysis, ECG, x-ray, color Doppler blood vessels, and more. Institutions and men signed a contract with emergency medical and transport services.
MOJA OAZA institutions at your disposal 24 hours. We are here for you. WELCOME!