Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 33g Dr Nenada Parente st., Jajinci
Belgrade Phone: 011/3941-069, 064/195-95-77, 069/434-5100

4.5/ 5stars

Home for the elderly and retired "BG Golden Age lux" is located in the quiet part of the city, 8km from the city center in Jajinci. Surrounded by greenery, beautiful garden and a lawn spreading on an 11 acre lot.

The building was designed with the idea to provide users with comfortable and convenient accommodations with excellent service and quality care.

Home residents have 24-hour supervision and medical care ensured by an experienced and professional staff.

Regular daily treatments, both oral and parenteral therapy of all forms according to the user's needs and doctor's orders, which is an integral part of a professional team.

To meet our residents' needs, there is a well-organized consultative services, considting of eminent experts in the field of psychiatry, cardiology, neurology and other specialties.

The key elements for better and faster rehabilitation of our users are among other things, a speech therapist and a physiotherapist.


Providing complete medical services that include:
• Infusion Therapy
• Giving intramuscular injections and IVs
• Treatment of decubitus wounds
• Oxygen Therapy
• Setting and changing urinary catheters
• Dressings
• As with other interventions, depending on user needs.

Provision of medical care, which includes:
• Prevention of decubitus wounds
• Bathing
• Feeding the immobile, and help with feeding semi-mobile users
• Peducure and hairdressing
• Help with personal hygiene for the residents


Our residents are provided single and two-bed apartments, single, double and triple rooms.
Almost all rooms have a terrace.

Concerning shared space we offer large common areas and well-equipped dining room, bright and cozy living room where our users can watch TV, listen to music or read a newspaper.
The living room has access to a large terrace.

In addition there is a common area for socializing, playing chess, dominoes, occupational therapy, birthdays and other occasions.
A large yard with a lawn and flowers completes a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Dr. Nenad Parente 33G, Jajinci
Tel: 011/3941069