Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 4 Mihaila Petrova st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/3467-959, 065/576-1588

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Home for the Elderly - Lena, was built in the area of Belgrade where peace and quiet are guaranteed to our customers. Home for the elderly Lena has a courtyard for walking and other activities. Health and care come first, and are provided by our nurses, technicians and paramedics. The home has all necessary licenses issued by the competent ministry.

Care at home
Special attention is paid to care and hygiene, both of our users and the entire home. The Home provides services and dementia care as well as care for stationary users provided by members of the professional staffwho work 24 hours a day.  Residents in the home feel safe, secure and at home.

Accommodation in the home for the elderly
Accommodation is in comfortable rooms with balconies, underfloor heating and radiators. Hot water is provided 24 hours a day. The interior is completely new and special attention is paid to the hygiene of the entire building. Bathrooms have a shower and tub. The staff is constantly present to provide any assistance in daily activities.

Location provides a peaceful and family atmosphere, where harmony and care are guaranteed. Accommodation includes spacious rooms with terraces and a courtyard. Living rooms are equipped to provide maximum comfort and convenience of users. The bathrooms are brand new, equipped with showers and tubs, tailored specifically to persons with mobility limitations.

Employees in the home for the elderly help home users every day in the performance of the morning and evening hygiene. Washing and ironing, bed linen and towels is done in Domska laundry and laundry room. Lena home for the elderly meets its goal to ensure a pleasant stay, comfortable rooms, a healthy, balanced diet and complete medical care. Themeals and snacks are provided by the nutritionist, user friendly home.

In addition to care, comfort, companionship and pleasant atmosphere, the home provides medical services and care by trained personnel.

Home for the Elderly Lena Services:

Services of social workers
Care of demented and immobile users
Laboratory diagnostics
Summary doctor
Measuring blood sugar
Three meals and two snacks a day
Laundry and ironing