Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 19 Miljakovacki vinogradi st., Miljakovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/6565-068, 6565-067, 060/6310-818

4/ 5stars

Your home for the elderly has moved from Banovo Hill to a new location in the heart of Miljakovačka forest. Beautiful custom building of 750 m2 is located on the most beautiful place in the city on the edge of old forests. The Home is equipped to the highest standards. Rooms range from single to multiple beds with a huge terrace overlooking the green continuously. Bathrooms are modern, equipped with Jacuzzi tubs and hydro-massage showers. Spacious hallways lead to the living room of over 100 m2. The space complement terraces full of greenery. Of course, all the space is equipped to high standards (TV sets, air conditioners, central heating, etc.).. In the yard full of flowers and there is parking space for visitors from 10 seats. With all of this premium service goes without saying. Carefully chosen, friendly staff, by which we are well known, will do anything for our dear residents. Perfect any other medical care with excellent food complements our idea for you to create ideal conditions for a peaceful and dignified life, as we also have our grandparents.