Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 38 Mihaila Bulgakova st., Mirijevo
Belgrade Phone: 011/7423-663, 062/1921-397

4.5/ 5stars


Dispensary for the accommodation of old people and pensioners located at 32 Hazars Street in a quiet part of Zvezdara. Stationary possesses two, three and four-bed rooms (with capacity of 20 beds), dining room, living room and coming out on the beautiful terrace overlooking the Avala and the Avala Tower. Service users are stationary Jeladom under constant medical supervision, supervision of professional nurses and nursing staff. All necessary medical interventions are available 24 hours a day. Our work and understanding of the users are adjusted to their age and motives. Recognizes existing diagnosis users but, if incomplete, must be other tests and specialist examinations, which would indicate a complete state of health of users. If necessary, shall be conducted consultations with specialists (cardiologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, ...) as well as a physiotherapist, of course, all the proposed physician or medical specialist, in consultation with the family. Jeladom be in the hospital to take great care and quality of food nutrition guide. Jeladom features local cuisine, otherwise, users can have five meals: breakfast, brunch, lunch, brunch and dinner. The main task of our care is made in preserving and strengthening the functions of our customers, and providing a pleasant, quality and lagodnog life, filled with companionship and a smile. Semi-mobile and immobile persons, we offer complete medical care, psychological support, adaptable food and proper hygiene 24 hours. WELCOME!