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Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade
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Home for the elderly Medmaris is a fully new and purpose-made space spreading on 700m2 and intended for 30 users.

We are locaed in Jajinci, Vozdovac around 1km away from Banjica and 6km away from Slavia.

Innovative approach in organizing accomodations and services which offers our users much needed feeling of community both among themselves and with the staff.

With six two-room apartments and six apartments we allow for a natural environment that's most similar to the life in apartment buildings.

We are well adjusted for various categories of users, independent and those in need of constant supervision which allows for maximum attention for every individual.

The users are cared after by a doctor, 4 medical nurses, 4 caretakers and especially important is the time that they set aside during the day for every individual user. In addition to medical care we also offer additional services which make everyday better.

Common area is intended for all users to share and communicate with each other in any capacity that makes them cofmortable. All apartments are connected via intercom with the entrance so that visits aren't disruptive.

Seeing how organizing services and accomodations covers the most important segments of our users' lives, MedMaris also fulfills the needs of users and their families who want to provide humane environments for their members filled with love and attention.