Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 29a Mite Ruzica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2864-055
Website: www.milagrocasa.com

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Home for the Elderly "Milagrocasa" Ltd. Belgrade License No. 022-02-00006 / 2014-19, was created as part of a project by an expert team with the goal to realize the idea of opening a unique institution for the care of the elderly.

One of the main tasks that we have fulfilled by opening this specialized agency, was to raise standards in the area of housing, food, medical services and of course the social life of older persons in need of nursing care and assistance.

Business policy of the home for the elderly "Milagrocasa" ltd. is based primarily on the engagement of proven professionals in their fields who are responsible for making our customers' stay in a nursing home as pleasant as possible.

We want you to feel secure at all times and in the 24h care of professionals, and of course, we want to provide you privacy when you need it. One of the goals of the team of people who will manage this institution will be monitoring international standards related to the accommodation of elderly people in specialized institutions. Accordingly home for the elderly "Milagrocasa" ltd. will be a dynamic environment in which we are going to improve all aspects of our institution for which our team and especially our users feel that they can be even better.