Hygiene Belgrade

Address: 56 Oracka st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/26-119-26, 063/77-648-77

4/ 5stars

ZELJKOVIC clenaing service began work in 1985.

Our cleaning service ZELJKOVIC has put together a team of highly qualified professionals over the years of its practice who offer the services of cleaning, washing and maintenance in accordance with the highest EU standards which earned us the trust of many clients over the years.

Our cleaning, washing and maintenance services are performed using the highest quality modern equipment and chemical products which were tested and approved in accordance with the highest ecological standards.

Services you can order from our service:
- Carpet servicing (we pick up and deliver your carpets swiftly and safely, washing via high pressure hose, dry cleaning, fringe bleaching, fringe replacement, standardized drying method depending on the material, cleaning carpets and upholstery at your locatioon, cleaning all other kinds of floors)

- Cleaning all kinds of fabrics (washing and dry cleaning upholstered furniture, curtains of all kinds either on the spot or at our service, washing and dry cleaning other kinds of fabrics like blankets, covers etc)

- Cleaning services that we only perform at your location (glass surfaces regardless of height, furniture washing, advertisment and awning washing, complete cleaning and ordering of your work or residential areas, maintaining your work or living areas periodically per agreement)

We offer washing windows and facade depending on the height using several different methods including alpinistic.

Possibilities for cooperation:
- contract for periodic maintenance for businesses or indivduals
- payments through your account or in cash
- working hours 8AM - 8PM on workdays and weekends
- contact us for any additional info