Hygiene Belgrade

Address: 24 Strahinica Bana st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 064/173-6591, 065/8003-022

4.5/ 5stars

VAS STAN with you for over 30 years.

During this period the company has gained excellent reviews and an enviable solvency.

We have proved ourselves working on more than 1,000 stores in Belgrade as responsible and consistent contributors whose client and his satisfaction in the first place.

We provide professional cleaning of buildings, quality service cleaning business premises and

- Staff worthy of your trust who are trained in this type of work
- Chemicals that we use contains antiseptic and pleasant smell.
- Our mops and washing cloths are from the Italian brand "Tecno trolly system"

- Our staff is not used wooden poles to clean the floor and are therefore makes no noise in the building when cleaning



- Cleaning and washing floors
- Cleaning the work surfaces
- Washing windows
- Dusting and vaccuuming
- Emptying ashtrays, taking out the trash from offices
- Disinfection ASEPSOLOM after cleaning in places where it is needed

PRICE: formed in relation to the space before we review and give their assessment


first month free !!!

Package 1 (180.00 price per flat)

- Cleaning and washing floors and stairs
- Cleaning and washing of handrails
- Cleaning and washing the glass on the front door
- Wash the entire cabin lifts
- Removing cobwebs
- Removal of advertising material and throwing the same

Package 2 (300.00 price per flat)

services in the package 1 and the addition of:

- Washing skylight in the vertical building (accessible from the inside part)
- Sweeping in front of the building (covered part)

Package 3 (500.00 price per flat)

- Services in a package 2
- Works to be carried out twice a week

Great package (price 1000.00 per flat)

Contains the extra service of:

Painting the entrance once a year

- All these works from the package 1,2 and 3 are carried out twice a week
- Cleaning the snow in front of the entrance, where appropriate,