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Belgrade Phone: 063/867-38-17

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- Development of Serbian coats of arms, military and club
- Making icons and historical figures
- Serbian coat of arms
- Relief
- Various model 
fabrication of Sales fiddle

Small and large arms of Serbia in the preparation of the study program "source" for more than the overall 10 years.
GRBOVI SERBIAN in full heraldic accordance with the instructions that once adopted by the Assembly of Serbia are made in many different sizes, depending on the application.

They are made of different materiajala: dental plaster, ground marble, aluminum and brass.
You can compile with or without frames.
GRBOVI SERBIAN work is usually with brass patina, or the heraldic colors.
Prices SERBIAN coats of arms are in the range of 30 to 250 euros, depending on the size and built-in material.

With arms, Studio "Spring" works MILITARY GRB Serbia in two sizes.
The study produced "Spring" are protected by the relevant institutions of the Republic.

Please note that the Studio "Spring" three times in a row bo winner of the tender by the Government of Serbia announced by the making of coats of arms SERBIAN for ministries, courts and other institutions of the republic!

Studio "Spring" for the emblems and insignia of various sports clubs and federations.

Icons, Orthodox holy sites and shrines, are also subject matter of the study of "Spring".
Studio "Spring" has Extremely collection bas-relief Serbian giants of Saint Sava to the present day! Further information can be obtained on the web:

On this site you can get the information about the recent anthologies beautiful epic poems that sing contemporary Serbian bards!