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Ever since 1992 we’ve been providing book keeping services, tax and financial consulting. Our clients can make use of our following services: founding companies and businesses, writing acts, cooperating with banks, tax officials and other institutions. We use advanced software solutions, electronically perform all accounts but also meet face to face which is all subject to our clients’ wishes.

We are located in Belgrade, in Vracar and in Rakovica. Our courier service can always respond to your needs so our services are always timely and high quality no matter where you are. Your satisfaction is the greatest reward for our bookkeeping agency.

Bookkeeping has been our basic activity for over 20 years. Today we may proudly say that we have achieved significant results in terms of providing the highest quality services to companies and bussineses of all sizes and areas. Our clients are both small businesses and large companies who do business internationally.

Our good work reputation was built on the trust our clients have shown us, making good business contacts and of course our team of expert accountants and financial and tax experts. IMAGE TM uses only the latest in information technology and software.

Our team consists of accountants, financial and tax advisors. Their years of experience and spotless business reputation with clients, state institutions and financial institutions is only one example of the quality of our services.

Our employees can create business and accounting solutions that suit every individual clients. To see our clients happy is our biggest motivator.

Our clients can dedicate themselves completely to running their business without worry while our team takes complete care of all their accounts, monitors regulations and prepares reports needed to make the best decisions. Our clients come from all kinds of activity areas and therefore we have a huge amount of knowledge on the problems that may arise specific to all lines of business.

Our reference list is vast and expansive, as we have cooperated with many clients for over 20 years. When we begin a business cooperation we always strive to make our clients satisfied and our relationship professional and long-lived. Bookkeeping as well as tax and financial consulting services are professional, updated and high quality which makes our clients feel secure and confident to come to us for any kind of support. This trust is one of the most important things to us.

Consulting and bookkeeping services are available to clients from any line of business: trade, import, export, construction, IT services, restaurants, pharmacies, laboratories and many others.

Image TM is the right solution for you if you:
- Want to optimize your taxes and expenses
- Want to leave bookkeeping and tax worries to the professionals
- Would like to spend more time on your work
- Would like a reliable bookeeper and tax advisor
- Are interested in bank credits for companies and would like help
- Are opening a company

Why waste time and money looking for attorneys, tax advisors, accountants, filing all documents to tax officials yourself and spending time waiting in line for that? By hiring our accounting agency you will save precious time, money and resources. You can receive all these services in one place, anything a business may need.

Thanks to our specialized knowledge on many lines of work, our services are available to you at any time. We can offer you optimizing your taxes, send you electronic reports, send documents, earning and savings accounts, tax reports, expenses analysis, founding companies, founding or disbanding departments, courier services, notifying when there has been a change in regulations and many other services.