Interior decoration Belgrade

Address: 16a Smederevski put st., Kaludjerica
Belgrade Phone: 064/9222-228, 062/797-191

4/ 5stars

Najpoviljnije prices.
Provided transportation to the customer.
For larger quantity discounts.

Sales and installation of all types of natural stones with extensive experience, superior quality in terms of installation, manual and mechanical cutting stone.

We work with clients all over Serbia, stone delivery to your home, with or without installation.
Incorporating stone to deal with for many years, in our case it is passed from generation to generation.
We are one of the few who can boast of manual cutting and shaping the stone.

We have over twenty colors of natural crushed stone, stone for interior-exterior, stanglice of natural stone, cleaved stone, stone fountains, granite cubes, cinkolp Granite and Sandstone.

Fences made of stone, wall cladding, columns, stairs, trails, totoara, decorative stone fountains and courtyards.