Internal medicine Belgrade

Address: 20 Hadzi Prodanova st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/245-38-36
E-mail: office@ordinacijavuk.rs
Website: www.ordinacijavuk.rs

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Vuk Prima medical practice is located in the heart of Belgrade, in the street Haji Prodanova at number 20, in Vracar. According to the Statute of Health Inspection Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia we are authorized to carry out health activities in all subspecialties of internal medicine.
Vuk Prima office was established as a modern health care institution that operates on the principles applicable to international health care. The basic intention is ongoing contact with patients, regular check-ups, periodic inspection and control, and popularizing the so-called. "preventive medicine" which will enable the fulfillment of the well-known maxim "better safe than sorry."

Such aspirations clearly express our ultimate goal - the creation of a kind of "screening" the city and the creation of optimum conditions for preserving the health of our citizens and give them a long and productive life.