International cuisine Belgrade

Address: 26 Kraljice Katarine st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 063/257-564, 063/895-7979

4/ 5stars

Agape Leut restaurant is located in an attractive location in Banovo brdo near the park and Kosutnjak in Cukarica at 26 Kraljice Katarine street.

It is the perfect place to enjoy international traditional cuisine, fish delicacies and seafood specialties with your loved ones or to go out in the evening on Thursdays and Fridays and enjoy great acoustic music.

Our excellent atmosphere with our attention to detail, a beautiful  fireplace, neutral colors and traditional elements made our interior unique and beloved by our guests.

Our staff with 30 years of experience will be glad to welcome you and bring you the spirit of Skadarlija with kind and expert service and delicious specialties.

In addition to a large selection of alcoholic and other beverages we prepare for you:

- Traditional cuisine specialties
- International cuisine specialties
- Fish and seafood
- Various desserts.

We are a great place for all your celebrations and events.

We can seat up to 40 guests who are sure to love our atmosphere and delicious specialties.

Specially for our neighborhood:
As always we remain loyal to our neighborhood and offer them the chance to order any of our specialties to be delivered to their home and enjoyed in peace.

New in Belgrade:
Because we welcome all kinds of guests we got the idea to prepare a previously agreed meal outside of our usual offer.

Meaning you can enjoy any specialty from any type of cuisine if you call in advance and order as well as enjoy any kind of music you prefer.

26 Kraljice Katarine street
Mob:063/ 257 564
Mob:063/ 895 7979