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Shop of healthy flavors Slovenia

It is no accident that the new store of selected Slovenian food products has found its place in the old town of Zemun, in one house's historic appearance, at 1 Karamarina street, the point between the road to the Danube, in his famous quay.

Old fountain under a birch tree, a small piece of green in front of the house, look at the house across the street dressed in green, the luxury sun and winter generously donated energy to all living beings, friendly neighbors watching the curiosity of passers-by, all that and probably more, Godparent's decision that's what can city to house a small display of love to nature, a healthy diet and return to traditional values hardworking people of a small country, Slovenia.

The products we recommend from our offer:


Generations of our people have heard of Kranjska sausage (Kranjska sausage), it is the same, well-guarded recipe that has existed since 1896.

Its now an internationally protected name derives from the early 19th century from "Carniola", the then Austro-Hungarian Empire in the region, a substantial part of today's Republic of Slovenia.


Less widely known, but in Slovenia traditionally very appreciated the pumpkin oil (Pumpkin seed oil).

Internationally speaking it represents a culinary specialty of Slovenia, especially its regions Styria and Prekmurje.

In addition to the specific dark color and a special taste, which makes it interesting in local cuisine, today more and more recognize its healing properties, especially for men and middle-aged and even years it comes as a natural elixir of health.

- Karst prosciutto

Visits to the coastal part of Slovenia can not do without tasting the famous Karst prosciutto.

In the region, not far from the sea, called Kras centuries already produces top quality ham.

Excellent raw materials, selected pork, climate Krasa with a particularly significant wind (north wind) and the traditional principle of production, today guarantee the quality and taste of ham that are unique and famous all over the world.


If you ask the Slovenian people which drink is the best with prosciutto, you will hear only one answer. Karst Teran wine.

Teran is indigenous Slovenian wine produced only from wine Refosco vines, planted vineyards in the Karst.

Precisely region wine country gives a special taste, but compared with other wines, the Karst Teran is a very high percentage of lactic acid and antioxidants, which gives it a curative effect in curbing the problem with atherosclerosis and high levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood.


The modern pace of life, the limits of direct contact with nature in the big cities, modern treatment of all sorts of diseases rather than their prevention, properly introduced or nesvestno us into unhealthy eating habits.

The offer of Slovenian line canned vegetables and fruit without preservatives, we want to offer a compromise.

With certain canned products which we know already from offer traditional Serbian market on our shelves you'll find a few more or less present in Serbia, a largely represented on the shelves of stores in Slovenia.

"Love goes through the stomach" we say, and the Slovenes.

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Welcome to our society and healthy taste Slovenia.