Kids birthdays Belgrade

Address: 1/3 Zarkovacka st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/3542-820, 069/3542-820

4.5/ 5stars

Children’s playroom Magic land + is located near the edge of Kosutnjak in Cukarica, at 1/3 Zarkovacka street. Our playhouse is located in a luxurious villa with a big garden and is intended for children aged 0-16.

For our youngest visitors there is a specially designed baby playroom with soft padding and all the best playing content. For older kids there’s a big playroom with a 3d maze and a kids’ disco in 70 square meters with all the accompanying light effects and karaoke.

We used a lot of imagination to design our playhouse because we wanted to make it a beloved place for all boys and girls to play in.

Perfect, safe environment for children’s activities, intended to be a:
- Playhouse
- Birthday shop

For our youngest friends at Magic Land + we have prepared many constructions to climb and play in, a trampoline, a three level maze, a slide and padding where they can jump and roll to their hearts’ content with their friends. The imagination of a child is boundless when play is concerned and it can come to life at our playroom because we want your child to be happy and glad to stay with us.

Laughter, entertainment, friends, all in one spot is what awaits at our playroom if you decide to celebrate your child’s birthday with us. With our work and effort we want to create a perfect party at our playroom, something that everyone will remember.

Children’s birthdays, christenings and parties in a beautiful and colorful environment will be spent in happiness and laughter with support from our kind staff.

We also thought of our junior schoolers who have outgrown playrooms and now prefer discos. With light and smoke effect the playroom Magic land turns into a children’s disco that plays music chosen by the party boy or girl. The children’s playroom in Cukarica is adjusted to your child’s age.

For parents we have a separated room from where they can watch their child at any time during the celebration. The part for parents allows smoking and they can relax there while their kids play.

In the summer months we also open our terrace where you can enjoy the pleasant breeze of the Kosutnjak’s air spa.

If you’ve never visited us, now is the time and if you have we will gladly welcome you back for another celebration or play date.

Address: 1/3 Zarkovacka
Phone: 011/ 35 42 820
Mobile: 061/ 72 69 528

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 2PM – 9PM
Sat: 10AM – 9PM

Your children’s playroom Magic Land + for birthday celebrations, Cukarica.