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Kids birthdays Belgrade
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Monday 08:00 - 21:00
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Wednesday 08:00 - 21:00
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Saturday 08:00 - 21:00
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Star Lounge Bar - pure hedonism

Star Lounge Bar is a luxury facility tucked away in the heart of the greatest Serbian stadium. The opening is Marakana restaurants except for its grandeur , history and tradition that has , boasts a lounge bar that 's interior , atmosphere and comfort comparable to similar establishments in the biggest stadiums in Europe. The specificity Star loungde bar is reflected in the opportunities offered to all guests , that the favorite food and drink while enjoying the view of the greatest Serbian stadium .

Together with his loved ones, friends , business partners or family nezaborano spend time in the unique atmosphere of our Marakana.

Experience some of their finest moments in life in Star Lounge Bar.

The friendly staff will be in addition to a rich selection of food and beverages to provide a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment. If you 're a fan of the national cuisine and local specialties , carefully selected and prepared by top chefs Star Lounge bar is the right choice for you and your friends.

Our chefs are also always inspired by you to a delicious meal of local and international cuisine and recommend the right choice of wine or relevant beverage that will awaken the senses of taste.

Authentic and original garden, the uniqueness of the interior and the VIP lounge overlooking the stadium and pitch our Maracana will make you always go back over and over again in your Star Lounge bar . Because of its uniqueness we are the ideal place for your corporate meetings , business banquets , graduations, private parties ...
Choose whether you want to enjoy drinking coffee in the morning , afternoon lunch or an evening out with us .

Do you want to surprise your loved one or to celebrate your wedding , bachelor party , birthday, baptism , Star's victory in the only restaurant in Belgrade?

Star Lounge Bar will do everything to make you feel like a star !


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