Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 21 Borhesova st., Altina
Belgrade Phone: 065/4558-856

4.5/ 5stars

The kindergarten “Children’s Wonderland” is located in Belgrade and was founded as an institution for half-day and full-day care for junior schoolers, daycare as well as a daycare for children with impaired hearing. We provide individual work with graduated surdologists and speech therapists . We also organize children’s birthday parties, offer foreign language learning services and children’s sports. Taking care of all our kids’ health is a renown pediatrician with many years of experience in the field.

The spaces and areas where all of our activities take place are completely adjusted to children and their specific age groups. We have a large park in our building’s yard. The furniture is designed so that children can easily use it and all the didactic materials are always within their reach. All of our caretakers working with the children are very experienced and very caring and gentle.

The general goal of our institution is proper education and upbringing, helping the child get to know themselves and develop their abilities and skills, to socialize with their peers and learn about the world surrounding them. The best reason why you should choose is because we care about every child’s individual interests and needs. We approach every child as an individual – for that is what we all are – knowing that they have their own pace, path and way of development.

Our working hours are 7AM – 6PM


Contact us:

Kindergarten “Children’s Wonderland”
Number 3 Bezanijskih ilegalaca street
11 000 Belgrade
Phone numbers: 065/3355-228