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Address: 20a Kneza Viseslava st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 011/407-14-62, 065/450-64-30

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LaLeLu English - German Kindergarten

LaLeLu Kindergarten opened in April 2016 in Banovo Brdo/Belgrade and has much to offer:

• Full-day English
• Full-day German
• Mixed age groups for age 1½ -3 years and 3-6 years
• Family environment
• Excellent preparation for school and life
• Learning about the world
• Sports
• Music
• Arts & Crafts
• Theater & Dance
• Etc.

Languages - English and German

You, as a parent can choose if you want your child to focus on English, German or both.

Our teachers are native speakers and your child will be exposed to the chosen language all day. Apart from everyday activities, the children participate in many different learning activities in English, German or both and they will learn the language fluently within a year or two or even faster, depending on their age and disposition.

Preparation for school and life

At LaLeLu Kindergarten your child learns all day and without even noticing it. In small groups our teachers play learning games with the children and help them to expand their knowledge of the world, math, reading, writing, languages and social skills. During our circle time two times a day, the whole group is engaged in conversations about our topic of the month (for example "friendship", "cleanliness & health", "our body", "animals of the world", ect.), the children learn songs related to the topic, play games that teach different social skills or just help to enjoy exercise.

Sports, Music, Arts & Crafts, Theater & Dance, etc.

At LaLeLu Kindergarten we support the parents, through a balanced daily schedule, to give the children a holistic and engaging education. Everyday there will be some music, sports and creative activity. During independent play, they can test out different materials and games on their own, develop friendships and practice their social skills. Apart from all the indoor activities, we will spend time outside in the backyard every day, and go out for walks and excursions on a regular basis.

Family environment

LaLeLu Kindergarten, located within a 5-minute walk from Košutnjak, provides a beautiful, homey atmosphere. Our caring and well-trained staff assists children to be nurtured in the best manner. Our classroom is divided into different thematic corners (cars/little world, building, little home, little store, reading corner, board games, Montessori material, arts & crafts) and is equipped with plenty of interesting games, books, and materials. Apart from the classroom the children have access to a gymnastics room and a spacious backyard including a sandbox. In order to keep our beautiful place interesting, we add to and change the materials, books, games, etc. on a regular basis. We also continuously teach the children new ways of using whatever we provide, so they can experiment independently and develop their own ideas.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday, 08:00-18:00 o’clock


Kneza Višeslava 20a, BanovoBrdo
065/450-64-30; 011/407-14-62
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