Kindergartens Belgrade

Address: 68 Bulevar Arsenija Carnojevica st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/3114-102, 062/474-104

4/ 5stars

Verified private preschool institution - PRIVATE KINDERGARTEN

Kindergarten operates in a space of 220 m2 and includes four educational groups aged 1-7 years. Age-groups are defined in combination with individual characteristics of the child. The concept of the kindergarten determined by small groups allows for maximum dedication to the appropriate age group and ensures the individual treatment of every child allowing it to socialize with its peers.

The insitituion is specially equipped in accordance to the characteristics and needs of preschool children. While equipping our spce, we respected the principle of our target age group both in equipment and decoration in order to stimulate their development potentials in many ways.

The educational process doesn't just take place inside the kindergarten, but the children are also taken on field trips in cultural, sporting, production institutions so they can see for themselves how people work and create.

In addition to our preschool programme of educational character, the kindergarten also organize additional programmes every day:

English language
Children learn the basic English vocabulary through spoken words, images, audio material so they can easily become interested in learning a foreign language.

Ballet studio "Adadjo" led by Olivera Stanojevic Mitrovic;

Taekwondo club Seagull -
Taekwondo is a dynamic olympic martial art and an ancient skill from the Far east. It is characterized by exceptional hand and feet coordination, swiftness and elegance. It strenghtens the spirit, improves movement coordination and concentration. It affects the proper posture, shapes muscles, develops competitive spirit but also solidarity and friendship, as well as respecting one's opponent.

The institution realizes a programme of expert family support - psychological counseling office for parents and family education workshops.

Kindergarten Pcelice is a verified private preschool institution, certified by the Ministry of Education. The founder and director is a graduated psychologist Maja Todorovic. The kindergarten began work in 2005.