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Address: 5 Ada Ciganlija st., Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/355-14-79, 063/241-701
E-mail: vrtic@zvezdaoaza.rs
Website: www.zvezdaoaza.rs

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Zvezda Oaza

Our kindergarten Zvezda Oaza (Oasis Star) is located in the most beautiful location in the city. In the building of the rowing club “Red Star” in the surface of 400m2 we utilize our beautiful location in all the best ways through various activities required for the proper development of any child.

We were among the first private kindergartens in Belgrade and have been working successfully for over 15 years. We are licensed by the Ministry of Education and have the official documents confirming that we fulfill all the legal requirements for raising and educating preschool, younger group and nursery children. We were licensed under the number  022-05-00164/2006-07, on 17.8.2006.

For complete care of your children in addition to certified and licensed caretakers we also employ professional medical nurses, pediatricians and speech therapists as well as professors of English language, physical education, karate, ballet, chess, music and art education and they all participate through various activities.

The activities of “Zvezda Oaza” kindergarten were imagined so that the children learn practical skills they can apply in real life someday.

This kindergarten is equipped with the latest educational technologies. We are the only private kindergarten in the country that allows children to utilize multimedia systems, the so-called “smart boards”. Through their use we stimulate the engagement of all senses in the process of acquiring new skills, developing creativity and participating in the lessons.

Through a large number of physical activities such as karate, football, gymnastics, ballet, the children develop their motor skills and physical abilities. Our activities take place in age groups and are led by renown professors in their fields. In terms of sports we have the “Tennis Whizz” program, an all-inclusive tennis program designed for preschool children. This program includes tasks that help children learn numbers, letters, social skills, listening, solving problems, developing logic and all while having a blast. This prestigious sport is taught by the trainer Dejan Vukojcic.

At the Zvezda Oaza kindergarten we place great emphasis on learning the English language. Through everyday teaching and through the presence of English in our daily routine, the language becomes less foreign and is adopted easily. We create a positive disposition towards learning the language through games, fun activities, song and acting.

In addition to athletic activities and English language teaching, the children also have chess lessons that allow them to develop skills like memory, concentration and cause-effect thinking. There’s also our musical workshop where the children learn about various instruments, rhythms and have the chance to creatively express themselves through singing and the art workshop where we do not only develop artistic creativity but also discover various art techniques.

We have daily walks in clean air, we ride a miniature train, use a trampoline, have a soccer dome, visit Ada Safari and spend time with animals away from the city bustle.

Included in our kindergarten’s complex is also the kitchen where we prepare healthy, home-cooked meals for our children, every day from fresh ingredients.

We organize transportation for kids from home to the kindergarten and back if the parents are interested.

Oasis star traditionally participates in organizing the summer sports camp intended for children aged 6-12 years old with the goal to develop motivation in children to actively practice and love sports.

Our working hours is: 7:30AM – 6PM

Address: 5 Ada Ciganlija street, Beograd
Phone: 011/3551-479, 063/241-701
E-mail: vrtic@zvezdaoaza.rs vrtic@zvezdaoaza.rs