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Useful information

Clinic " RENOVA " is a health facility that consists of :
- Specialist Surgical practice " RenovaMed " and
- Laboratory of Medical Biochemistry " RenovaLab " .

Clinic " RENOVA " is the first center of regenerative medicine in Serbia !

Regenerative medicine is a new direction in medicine based on the use of autologous regenerative therapies .
Our institution as autologous regenerative therapy using platelet rich plasma ( Platelets Rich Plasma / PRP) .

Platelet rich plasma ( PRP ) is removed from the blood sample 's own sophisticated technology so that the final product contains a growth factor in a high concentration .

Clinic " RENOVA " provides services and applies autologous regenerative therapy (PRP therapy) in the following areas:

• Sports injuries and soft tissue injuries
• Degenerative injuries to bone and joint system
• Treatment of chronic wounds
• Aesthetic Medicine

What is PRP therapy (plasma therapy) and , where applicable ?

Platelet rich plasma ( Platelets Rich Plasma / PRP) is part of the blood plasma rich in platelets , which contain growth factors and other substances that actively participate in the treatment and regeneration of damaged and / or diseased tissue .
Treatment Plasma ( PRP treatment ) is a medical treatment , which is one of the natural , biological treatment methods , which body ( body ) help in the treatment itself by using its own products from the blood .
PRP therapy is applied to the situation in which we want to stimulate a faster recovery and healing tissues . In injuries of the musculoskeletal system ( muscle injury , ligaments , tendons ... ) , degenerative changes in the joints ( hips , knees , ankles ... ) , in the treatment of chronic wounds , aesthetic medicine , etc. .

Preparation and execution of PRP therapy ( plasma therapy) ?

The patient is taken from a vein 40-150 ml whole blood , which is processed by a special method to be allocated is determined , the required amount of platelets ( Platelets ) . The resulting product is injected instilira the previously defined affected ( injured ) place . The whole procedure takes 15-30 min , a total time of stay of the patient at the clinic is around 60 min .
The day before treatment does not use heavy foods ( fatty , spicy, salty ) , and on the day of intervention to take as much liquid .

Is PRP therapy (plasma therapy) is safe ?

It belongs to a very safe intervention . The only inconvenience to the patient may have been typical for giving any kind of injection ( pain , redness and swelling at the injection site ) .
It belongs to painful procedures during and immediately after the injection . The pain usually lasts for 10-15 min , in exceptional cases up to 5 days and then rapidly decreases.

How to behave after PRP therapy ( plasma therapy) ?

Preserve and protect not wet the injection site for 24 hours .
Painkiller use only the specified drug. Local treatment depends on the type of indication of the treated area ( sports injuries, diseases , cosmetic procedures , etc. ) .
Do NOT USE non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ?
( ibuprofen , ibuprofen , naproxen , KETONAL , voltaren , Advil, aspirin , andol etc. ) .
Check-ups are scheduled at 7 days , 1 month , 3 months, 6 months and continue as needed.
In addition to autologous regenerative therapy clinic " RENOVA " allows and treatment by conventional methods from the field:

• Surgery ( " minor " surgery )
• Sports injuries and soft tissue injuries
• Orthopedics
• Children's Surgery
• Vascular Surgery

To provide the most appropriate care services is a team of doctors consisting of eminent professionals in the field of orthopedic surgery , neurosurgery , emergency medicine , endocrinology , biochemistry .


Clinic " RENOVA " the possibility that in our office do all the necessary laboratory analysis , on its own initiative or at the request of your physician .
Our team , controlled by the quality of work and the principles of good laboratory practice , will provide you with quality service .

In our lab can create everything biochemical and immunochemical analysis , hematology , hemostasis analysis and examination of urine and stool . We have cooperation with a reference microbiology laboratory so that you can also do all microbiological analyzes .

Laboratory gives you the option of free interpretation of the results by our graduate pharmacists and medical biochemists , as well as consultation with our doctors .


KLINIKA RENOVA Laboratories Beograd

Methods of payment

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