Laboratories Belgrade

Address: 12 Skerliceva st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2445-729, 6301-139, 6301-134
E-mail: histolab-bg@histolab.rs
Website: www.histolab.rs

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HISTOLAB IS THE FIRST AND ONLY CONTEMPORARY EQUIPPED LAB FOR PATHOHISTOLOGICAL AND CYTOLOGICAL DIAGNOSTICS, OPENED IN 1993. Owner: Dr Zoran Bogdanovic, specialist pathologist COWORKERS: Doc dr Slavica Knezevic-Ucaj, specialist pathologist Dr Vesna Semerikic-Martinovic, specialist pathologist NS prim dr Danica Jovanovic, specialist pathologist Dr Jelena Milovanovic, specialist pathologist Ass Dr Tatijana Terzic, specialist pathologist Dr Maja Perunicic - Jovanovic, specialist pathologist Dr Olga Radic-Tasic, specialist pathologist
ACTIVITY - Cytological diagnostics - Complete pathohistological processing and diagnostics of tissue samples - Ex tempore diagnostics - Histo-chemical methods
- Immuno-histochemical diagnostics. The lab has a wide panel of monoclone anti bodies for precise differentiation of lymphoprofilerative diseases, tumor typization, unknown location tumor origin as well as anti bodies for diagnosing hormone dependent tumors. Besides that, we have mono clone anti bodies for virus and bacteria identification in tissue samples. We also determine the expression of different oncogens in tumor tissues, proliferative and apoptotic activity as well as different parameters important for therapy.