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Monday 00:00 - 24:00
Tuesday 00:00 - 24:00
Wednesday 00:00 - 24:00
Thursday 00:00 - 24:00
Friday 00:00 - 24:00
Saturday 00:00 - 24:00
Sunday 00:00 - 24:00

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Works 24h Open on Sundays Delivery Going out into the field

Our company for industrial washing, drying, ironing and starching laundry "C&A POWER" has been in business with great success since 2008.

The biggest proof of our quality and professionalism are hundreds of satisfied clients who return to us for many years because of our exceptional services.

This includes not only our fellow citizens but various renowned hotels, hospitaliers, apartments and the like.

We offer special benefits and promotions exclusively to bigger associates and clients.

In our work we use exclusively the highest-quality eco-friendly products by Lenor, Ariel and our own Serbian manufacturer "Jabuka".

For stains, we use reliable and high-quality products such as Bio Shoot and the Super 10 universal concentrated Swiss detergent, as well as many others. When needed we pick up and deliver goods with the help of our employees who are all experienced working as professionals for a long period of time.

Over the years we have had more satisfied customers than we can count. We'd like to list some of the big names that have trusted us over the years:

Nautika Metro on water, Brodovi Beograda, restaurant HB Radnicki, Konoba Anemona, Bastion 2, Maska, Lil Way, IN hotel, Zepter hotel, Lazar lux, Pink apartments, Renta apartment, Pop Art hostel, Principal klub, Satelit klub I restaurant, Renta apartment, Club Maestro, Cubura, Čuburska lipa, Manga fit gym, Motel Jerina, Mala Oasa, Le Petit Piaf, Hotel Zira, Hotel Aqua Star Kladovo, hostel Central station, apartments of Belgrade, Pietro Del Oro, Djordje, Talas, Viktoria Station, Ehom, 6 Topola kao I Brod na Sajmu, Mala Avala, Dunavski pirate, Gradimir, Dobra dunja, Stenka, Tavern Jelena, Slast, Neke Catering houses, and many others.