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Craft Workshop ALARM ELEKTRONIK BG specializes in installing alarm devices, armored locks, special security cylinders, special steel shields, security cards, and other security equipment from leading global manufacturers.

From a wide range of services provided by the locksmith workshop Alarm Elektronik BG and top-quality security equipment, we particularly highlight the following services:

Securing Entry Doors against Break-Ins:

  • Installation of "LETVE" security armored locks with KABA cylinders, offering the highest protection against forced entry. Installed on the interior side of the door, the lock's bolts are secured in steel plates fastened with special steel anchors into concrete. The lock operates with a high-quality cylinder, ensuring protection against unauthorized key usage.
  • Installation of "COMPLETE INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION" comprising:
    • "UKOPAVAJUĆA GORNJA BRAVA" with "kasa" keys, protecting against door manipulation and forcing.
    • Reinforcement of hinges with "KANDŽE" preventing door removal from hinges.
    • Strengthening of the door frame with a steel profile to resist door forcing.
    • "ČELIČNI ŠTITNIK" to protect cylinder breakage by covering the existing cylinder.
  • Installation of standard cylinders.
  • Installation of special security cylinders from renowned global manufacturers.
  • Recoding and rekeying of cylinders and security locks.
  • Door unlocking and opening services.
  • Key cutting services.
  • Duplication of tags and tokens.
  • Production of all types of coded and "kasa" keys for security locks: ABUS, MOTTURA, CISA, SIAS, SECUREMME, DOM, MUL-T-LOCK, etc.
  • Welding of special hardened lugs and security padlocks.
  • Engraving services.
  • Sharpening of knives and scissors.
  • Custom production and installation of armored metal doors.

Alarm Systems:

  • Security assessment and conceptual security system design.
  • Development of security system projects with authorized designers.
  • Sale of hardware and software for equipment monitoring.

For more information and consultations, visit us at Alarm Elektronik BG.