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Useful information

Cosmetic studio Mystic II is located on Vracar, 22 Svetozara Markovića street, near the roundabout at Slavija. IIn the modern interior of our salon with highly set standard of services you will be welcomed by a professional team of beauticians, therapists and aestheticians, led by Anica Kojic (esthetician beautician micropygmentist-permanent make-up with years of experience in Serbia and abroad), Marija Despotovic Žikice (graduate aestheticican- beautician) and Dr Vanja Vidakovic (certified for the use of hyaluronic fillers and Baby botox).

With treatments using leading appliances and products for face and body, exotic, relaxation, therapeutic and anti-cellulite massages and complete program for body shaping, you will find inner peace, inner harmony and establish a happy and satisfied to get out of our studio.

Our work is based on the unique Mystic philosophy which is based on the following principles:
-Cosmetic therapy
Care and prevention

Services that can get in the studio Mystic II are:
Facial care

Hygienic treatments, ultrasonic cleaning spatula, care of dry and sensitive skin care combined, greasy, acne and problem skin, deep moisturizing treatments, treatments of scars, enlarged pores and pigmentation, anti-aging treatments, face lift, neck lift, lifting neckline, noninvasive and classic Mesotherapy, enzyme and organic peels.

Facial treatments using exclusively German medical cosmetics Dr. Med. Christine Schrammek, which contains two lines: derma.cosmetics and GREEN PEEL (original organic peeling).

Body care and contouring

Cellulite is a hypertrophy of the fat cells, which in combination with the slow venous and lymphatic circulation, leads to retention of water in the intercellular space. This problem is encountered in 90% of the female population especially after puberty due to the action of estrogen. Cellulite usually appears on the hips, buttocks and legs, and it is important to know that it is not closely related to overweight.

Mesotherapy is recommended when there is a problem with circulation, cellulite and overweight. This method achieves visibly improve the quality of the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue (orange peel) and reduce pain in the legs and the feeling of heavy legs. In order to improve efficiency, it is necessary to combine mesotherapy with sinergistčkim methods.

• Improves circulation
• Improves the movement of lymph
• Eliminates localized fat deposits
• regenerates fibrous tissue

In addition Skeyndor treatments in the salon are implemented and body treatments Sweden ERICSON LABORATOIRE cosmetics: Cellulite VIB (treatment for fat burning) SLIM & LIFT (treatment for slimming and firming) and GENETIX SLIM (Treatment of hereditary obesity).

Electrical stimulation therapy to accelerate weight loss and body contouring and reduces cellulite. Pacemakers muscles usually function via electrodes placed on the body, inducing electrical impulses that stimulate muscle response, contraction. Stimulants can create specific contraction for the different results, such as the removal of fat, weight loss, cellulite removal, increase muscle mass, relaxation, elimination of toxins, etc. They are used three different frequency waves and the frequency of each drainage affects different parts of the body and solve various problems.

Get the figure you've always wanted with a large selection of high-quality treatment preparations. From treatment to reduce volume, oklanjanje cellulite to complete tightening of the skin.

You bet hands and feet

In addition to the classical aesthetic and spa manicures and pedicures, studio Mystic you enable the service medical pedicure and nail prosthetics. Problems such as ingrown nails, corns, keratosis, cracking nails due to psoriasis, inadequate footwear and other causes in an easy and comfortable way to the past.

- Upgrade and chiropody
- Durable lacquer
- Spa program

Hair Removal:
Waxing cold and warm


Design and eyebrow correction
Paint eyebrows and eyelashes
eyelash perm


Mystic Beauty Studio offers a wide selection of massage:

Relaxation massage - Relaxing full body massage has positive effects on the state of mind and body, a combination of massage grips for relaxation of muscles

Royal massage - massage performed by two therapists. This massage has twice the effect of a regular relaxation massage

Sports massage - especially oriented to the muscles and body parts that are exposed to the stress of training and achieved by relieving muscle tension and relax the ligaments

Partial massage - is performed on the client's request for a specific part of the body, for example. head, back, arms, legs, feet ...

Therapeutic massage - classic anti-cellulite massage -Type of massage that focuses on the elimination of cellulite and it is moderate, measured and tailored specifically to a particular type of movement and pressure. Best results are achieved with a series of treatments, the corrected diet and physical activity

Lymphatic drainage - (manual lymphatic drainage) is a special therapeutic procedure which helps the lymphatic system and activates the lymph circulation, stimulates the regeneration of tissue, and some nourish and raises the defensive ability of the organism (improves the immune system).

Reflexology foot massage - is based on the stimulation of the zones on the feet, through which stimulate targeted all organs and organ systems of the body, through the correspondent reflex zones of the foot

Anti-stress massage - massage that combines relaxation and therapeutic massages, which provides a positive and stimulating effect on the central nervous system, and thus has a positive effect on mental processes, and significantly reduces the nervous tension and stress conditions

Massage pregnant - Special treatment is adapted to the individual needs of each woman, a very positive effect on psycho - physical condition of the woman and restores much-needed energy body

Holistic massage - insisted the man as an indivisible whole and each person approached as identity, establishing harmony organzma on the mental, emotional and physical level
During the massage using oils, creams and gels French cosmetics company Renergique.

- Spa & Wellness

Presents a spa & wellness treatments are available in your study MYSTIC SKEYNDOR Green tea body wrap - Green tea. Treatment detoxifying and cleansing the entire body, with a strong effect of eliminating excess fluid and waste products of metabolism. The mask with green tea and citrus gives the body essential minerals that moisturise the skin and at the same time facilitate drainage of fluids, improve lipid metabolism and fat reserves, reduce the effects of free radicals and improve cellular respiration. A beneficial effect on irritated, tired and dehydrated skin the influence of sunlight. After the pack, followed by a light massage of the entire body which improves skin tone and therapeutic effect of the treatment, leaving you in a state of complete psychological and physical bliss.

Skeyndor Senses Spa rituals - Oriental therapies represent a blend of traditional Eastern philosophy with maneulnim techniques, which in combination with the use of essential oils and exotic spices have beneficial effects on the mind and body. The concept of Ayurveda focuses on health promotion, disease prevention as the best. All healing effects originate from nature, each state is treated not only physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.

-Eyelashes, makeup

LuxusLashes ™ is a leading brand in the field of eyelash extensions. LuxusLashes ™ mink eyelashes last as long as your natural lashes, that naturally fall off every 2 - 3 months in a normal cycle and constantly updated. They're sticking to your natural lashes, but not at the edge of the eyelid. Upgraded LuxusLashes ™ lashes you always have to wear. It depends on the stage of growth of eyelashes and regular changes (corrections). Addendum eyelashes need to work on every 3 - 4 weeks to replace the lashes that have fallen and how to achieve a good result.

-Baby botox

Baby botox showed excellent results in aesthetic medicine problem solving medium and deep wrinkles in the areas of the forehead and around the eyes. It is achieved by absolutely natural look, because it mimics the
poptpunosti preserved because the muscle contractions only partially impaired. Successfully applied to the asymmetry of the eyelids, mitigation pušakih wrinkles, marionette, a special application in recent times has hod hyperhidrosis (sweating prekomerog). It has been statistically proven that women who were subjected Baby Botox in the forehead region have reduced migraine attacks. Full effect lasts for six to eight months, after which the muscle function gradually returns. The treatment is painless, it is no anesthesia, no visible traces remain on the skin, but immediately after the treatment, you can return to your normal activities.

-Hyaluronic fillers

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are the easiest and safest way of rapid rejuvenation of the face, with immediate results. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that binds water to the cell, and its disappearance from the body begins after 25 years, when the skin begins to age naturally. These fillers can be used for refreshing and hydrating skin, fill wrinkles and improve facial contours and increase the volume and shape of lips correction.
State of the art Stylage fillers (rejuvenation, hydration, increase the volume without effect "patkastih 'lips completely natural results, correction of blemishes and wrinkles (smoking, nasolabial, led, in the area around the eyes), zoom cheekbones). Hyaluronan is a natural component of our skin. Be beautiful and keep a youthful appearance naturally.

Permanent makeup - Japan drawing eyebrows

Shaping eyebrows combination of Japanese methods and 3D techniques to a completely natural look. Durable drawing eyebrows JAPANESE METHOD, administer the pigment blade that simulates the natural look of hair, ICIT length and thickness. In this method is not used reel, but the hair creating a special technique and special knife (dermo cuterrom). Due to the specific methods by which it works, eyebrows a completely natural look. The basic principle of this method isrtavanja eyebrows is that the variant does not create a permanent effect any makeup, but at least the evening makeup, but only to remove the deficiencies and improve the natural look. The hairs are drawn to natural hair, the color that is not different from the existing ones, so that the effect is completely natural.
Permanent makeup is carried out by the German standards with Goldeneye and PUREBEAU appliances and pigments.

- Micro pigmentation apparatus is one of the aesthetic method is intended for correcting, modifying, beautification and balancing on a semi-permanent way certain deficiencies or irregularities on the face (lips, eyebrows, eyelids ...) or body (areola, scars ...) with the implantation (introduction) of pigment into the dermis. Depending on skin type, techniques, areas where it is and pigments used, the result can last from ideal from 6 to 18 months and up to 5 years. It is advisable to carry out a review 12 months after treatment in order to check the condition, or appearance of work and decide on possible changes, additions or new work.

Lasting lip makeup - sensuality and attractiveness:

Lips are the most sensual detail on the face. The aim is micropigmentation express their sensuality.
Micropigmentation helps define the outer edge of the lips, increasing or reducing the size of the treasures of the lips, correcting asymmetry or achievement looks popunjenijih lips. All in accordance with the natural appearance and soft shadows, lip receive much more attractive appearance if the design and application techniques professionally.

Permanent makeup eyebrows - Perfection and Harmony:

Eyebrows are an important aesthetic element that significantly contributes to the expression and balance.
It is essential at any age to correct all the imperfections and asymmetries, to "visual structure" lids came to the fore through the creation of a new form of eyebrows. The results are simply displayed "lifting effect".
Permanent Makeup - Eyeliner / shutters - elegance and naturalness:

Naturalness should be the first and most important concern. Eyeliner drawn when the make-up should not be traced in this way because it will disrupt the natural look. The aim is to increase the visual volume of eyelashes. Special effects on eyeliner in such as two-color eyeliner, shading, gold effects ... treatments are designed to last for no longer than 6 months.

Contact Information:
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