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Manicures, pedicurists Belgrade

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"Let the experts take care of your beauty face and body"

Beauty salon "Eterius" has existed for six years at the same address in order to keep pace and meet all your requirements to make this world brighter. We are here for you throughout the week Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 20 o'clock and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 to 16 o'clock. Your body and face will be in safe hands of Jelena Brkic - senior esthetician beautician and Maria Jovanovic - cosmetic technician. We single out for you the following services:

• Cosmetic facial
- Beauty hygene treatment
- Biological face treatment 
- Treatment of skin regeneration
- Treatment of skin hydration
- Wine therapy facial

• Nobility of grape products in synergy with oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids the skin enriching nutrients, lipids and moisture. Encourages the process of restoring and strengthening the protection of skin from harmful external influences.
- Miolifting treatment Preventive anti-aging treatments of the skin. One should start with aesthetic prevention as early as possible in order to preserve the skin. Its effects are: • preventing wrinkles • normalizing the production of oil and moisture of the skin * • Maintain good skin barrier function in all weather conditions, even under conditions of stress and tired • healthy, young, beautiful skin
- Treatment with fruit acids AHA peeling & rejuvenation, fruit acid, 35% It acts as an organic peel. It stimulates collagen regeneration process in the epidermis to create new cells. At the same time deeply cleanses and moisturizes intensively. It is designed for the recovery of prematurely aged skin and all types of keratosis, skin care and eliminating acne pigment spots. The main active ingredients: 35% of stabilized fruit acids - glycolic, lactic, malic, citric ... with pH 3.0 in kitoznoj basis in the form of gel, papaya extract.

• Aloe Vera GiGi Hydration Refreshments for the treatment of dehydrated, dry skin which is easily irritated. Nourishing mask soothes especially sensitive skin, restoring its lost moisture. The skin becomes light, soft and hydrated. In addition to aloe vera, palette contains wormwood, myrtle and red algae.

• GiGi lotus treatment - Try the wonderful smell of treatment with Lotus for dry skin. It has always been known for the healing properties of lotus flower, because it is in the nature of their roots to absorb nutrients and substances in the sludge which is very rich in vitamin C and acts to renew the collagen fibers and restores freshness to the skin. In addition to the products of lotus extract is also moisturizing agent such as extracts of white and green tea extract protects skin witch hazel to soothe the skin and makes it nice and velvety.

• GiGi treatment of vitamins C and A for couperose skin. Vitamins in this range have a role to dry, couperose skin where capillaries are expressed, the elevation of the immunity, nutrition is, enlighten and strengthen the capillary structure. In addition to vitamins C and A contains the treatment and borage, olive oil and hyaluronic acid. It is designed with distinct skin capillaries. Cosmetic Treatments 

• relaxation massage the entire body or Partial

• Aromatherapy - body is part of phytotherapy, a discipline that uses various plants and herbal remedies for health care, prevention and treatment of disease. The specificity of aromatherapy is that it is used for this purpose special extracts from plants called essential oils (essential oils, aromatic oils).

• Lymphatic drainage is a form of medical massage that is performed to remove the island, bloating, and detoxifying the body.

• anti-cellulite body treatments • peel off drainage package body It activates the secretion of water and activates detoxifying the body, improves microcirculation and lipolytic effect, cleans and strengthens the skin and long maintained its youthful look. The effects of the mask are visible after the first application. The main active ingredients: alginates, green clay, barbed Broom extracts and ginseng. • lipo pack body detox The four steps to the desired stature and bezprekorne skin.

• Manicure 

• Cosmetic

•  Packaging Paraffin  for Hands - It is intended for intensive care, hydration, stimulation and deep cleansing of hands, which is useful for people with dry and tired skin, and those that are more in touch with water or other chemicals. Due to the mild heat, paraffin pakovanjeje extremely beneficial in relieving arthritis and rheumatism. It is a thorough exfoliation, nourishing mask and placed in paraffin dips, which stands on the palms of 20 min.

• Aesthetic pedicure

• * Make-up

• * Permanent makeup natural pigments

• - eyeliner eyes • - eyeliner lips

• - eyebrow correction

• - shading lips meet

• * In the salon you can schedule a free consultation, examination and from the surgical and non invasive methods to the doctrine of plastic and reconstructive surgery Kosovac Olivera.

• - facial mesotherapy

• - hyaluronic fillers

• - silicone fillers

• - Botox

• the latest in the world hit Botox underarm, to prevent excessive sweating.


ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
ETERIUS SALON LEPOTE Manicures, pedicurists Beograd