Martial Arts Belgrade

Address: 4 Vlajkoviceva st., Stari grad
Belgrade Phone: 063/307-972

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Dear friends of sports and recreation, I'd like to inform you that as of February 2014 we are opening an area for recretional Thai Boxing.
Number of participants per term is limited
Reserve your spot on time, via telephone only.


Hi, I am Laki. The love towards martial arts has been with me since early childhood. I fell in love with Thai Boxing in 1991. I had bought a VHS tape with Netherlands vs Thailand matches and watched it for hours, learning about Thai boxing. Since this sport was unavailable in Serbia back then and I really wanted to learn it, I began training the two sports that combined together form it. I started classic boxing and won a gold medal at "Omladinska zlatna rukavica" in 1993 in Arandjelovac. After that I moved on to taekwondo to improve my footwork (see gallery). This way I mastered the techniques of Thai boxing in full. The road to this goal led through a lot of sweat, bruises and bloodied noses. Almost two decades later my childhood dream of training others and introducing them to the new techniques came true. With my training concept I can offer people the purest way of practising Thai boxing. It is my desire to let them exercise purely recreational Thai boxing.

This method of training is completely harmless because there will be no combat against other trainees. It is the healthiest kind of training where you activate all muscle groups, burn off fat deposits and there is no stress that anyone will touch you because the punching bag does not punch back.

Our target group are exercise-lovers who are people of culture. Whether or not you've ever exercised either of these skills is irrelevant, it's a good concept for all.

It is my wish to make the exercisers feel comfortable and after a hard day of work enjoy exercising, release stress and get to know Thai boxing and love this way of life.