Masage Belgrade

Address: 53 Skopljanska st., Surcin
Belgrade Phone: 064/1174-740

4/ 5stars

* Mesotherapy face and body * Filling wrinkles * Increasing lips using hyaluronic fillers - Epilation by LPL (permanent hair removal) - Dermatological reviews (cryotherapy wart removal) FREE REVIEW DETERMINATION AND SKIN CARE HOME TREATMENTS: - The classic facial treatments - Biological Treatments - Anti-aging treatments - Treatment with fruit acids - Peeling the latest technology SKIN ROLLER - Other services - Hair removal - spills and nail - strengthen the natural nail, permanent frenč - nail-art 3D effects - Pedicure - Manicure - Packaging Paraffin (hands and feet) - correction of eyebrows - paint eyebrows and eyelashes - mini-wave lashes - eyelash extension - sun vision turbo solarium - anti-cellulite program - vacuum massage - ultrasound massage - Caffeine thermal packaging - Ultra sound input anticelulit ampoules - electro-muscle Full body massage AND PARTIAL Surrender to the enjoyment and embellishment only professional and professional people. For 10 years with you.