Medical supplies Belgrade

Address: 22a Sretena Mladenovica Mike st., Rakovica
Belgrade Phone: 011/405-6762, 011/405-8757

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The company Palinic deals with import and wholesale trade of the following groups of medical equipment: 1. Surgical instruments for all purposes: surgical scissors, artery grabbers and all other kinds of grabbers and pliers, forceps, neurological hammers, scalpel holders, needle holders, plaster scissors and pliers, tongue pliers, tampon pliers, rectal speculums, anoscopes, gynecological speculums, gynecological ecarters, large selection of ecarters for wound opening, dilatators, uterus probes, hook pliers, biopsy pliers, diverse curettes, gynecological curettes, pelvimeters, abortion pliers, orthopedic hammers, chisels, aspersoriums, bone pliers, amputation knives and saws, wound hooks, ear rinsing syringes, sterilization barrels, sterilization cassettes, trays, vessels, nose speculums, tracheal cannulas. 2. Medical devices autoclaves, sterilizers, air sterilization lamps (germicides), oxygen therapy devices, reanimation sets, aspirators, inhalators, otoscopes, ophthalmoloscopes, laryngoscopes, magnifiers, head mirrors, pressure devices, stethoscopes, negatoscopes, speech devices, colposcopes, spyrometers, EKG devices, audiometers. 3. Hospital and ordination furniture beds for different purposes, night stands, exam and intervention beds, patient transport wheel chairs, instrument and equipment tables, gynecological tables, operational desks, medicine cabinets, data cabinets, wardrobes, folding screens, reflectors, infusion stands, patient chairs, doctor chairs, waiting room chairs, baby scales. 4. Medical expandable material syringes, injection needles, IV cannulas, infusion and transfusion systems, biopsy and anesthetic sets, catheters, tubules, drainage, cotton, gauze, all kinds of bandages, plaster bandages, patches, ultrasound and EKG gel and paper, hernia nets, surgical gloves, exam gloves, urine bags, rubber canvas, formalin pills, thermometers, masks, hats, spatulas.