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Our service is specialized for repairing all kinds of mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

For fifteeen years we have guaranteed our customers swift and high quality service. Here we perform all kinds of hardware and software repairs with a huge selection of spare parts and equipment for your device.


Mobi house as of year 2000 offers our clients the highest quality software and hardware related services, for phones, tablet, GPS systems, laptops. We offer phone decoding, inserting maps, navigation and installing whatever software you'd like, rooting phones and obtaining spare parts for rare models, repairing the screen display where possible and all that in the shortest possible time.


Seeing how for 15 years we have been listening to our clients' needs, we know that swiftness and high quality service is their basic need. It is our goal to complete every service within 24hrs and meet all your requests and wishes as well as help you with any questions you might have. Our primary goal is that our clients are satisfied with our service and speed.


In our offer we have the following services:


  • We purchase used mobile phones.

It doesn't matter if your phone is functional or not, this service requires that you bring us your device so that we can evaluate its condition. The prices vary depending on the brand, model, condition and attractiveness as well as the request for your phone's model.

  • Safety when purchasing used mobile phones.
    It is rare today that you are able to get a guarantee when purchasing a used device. Believe it or not, with us you can test the used phones you wish to purchase and be sure they work correctly or even request a specific model from us. For the phone that passes our test you will have a written guarantee for 30 days for its correct work.
  • Selling mobile phone equipment
    At our store you can find all kinds of additional equipment for your mobile phone and computer. We offer a large selection of high quality equipment and spare parts for your phone and computer at affordable prices. If we current don't have your desired article in our store we will try to obtain it as soon as possible. In addition to sales we also have a service for mobile phones and computers. You can also get a guarantee for any additional equipment of up to 6 months.

We'd like to highlight:
- Chargers for mobile phones and tablets
- Car chargers for mobile phones and tablets
- Data Cables for mobile phones and tablets
- Earphones for mobile phones and tablets
- PVC and glass foils for mobile phones and tablets
- Cases for mobile phones and tablets
- PVC and glass foils for mobile phoes and tablets
- Batteries for mobile phones and tablets
- Memory cards for mobile phones and tablets
- Masks for mobile phones and tablets


  • Selling mobile phones
    We offer effective solution for all your needs so that at the moment when mobile industry is spreading you can stay in touch with the times and happenings. As the mobile industry is developing and growing you will be able to find newer smartphones, Andriod, Windows, iOS mobile phones and tablets in our offer at promotional prices. The guarantee for new mobile phones is 2 years.

    In our offer you can also find a large number of mobile phones from the most famous global manufacturers such as:
    - Apple mobile phones
    - Samsung mobile phones
    - Nokia mobile phones
    - Sony mobile phones
    - LG mobile phones
    - HTC mobile phones
    - Sony Ericsson mobile phones
    - Blackberry mobile phones
    - Motorola mobile phones
    - Alcatel mobile phones
    - Huawei mobile phones and much more


  • Mobile phone servicing
    Main domain of our services involves servicing of mobile phones as well as servicing laptops and tablets with the highest degree of work responsibility. After years of experience and with a team of experienced servicers who have the necessary knowledge for swift and efficient repairs of mobile phones and computers with detailed diagnostics of the problem at our service we will offer you high quality repair services for any malfunction and restore the perfect condition of your device.

We'd like to highlight:
- Repairing (replacement) of touchscreens

For some models it is possible to replace the screen itself but it is important to note that only some models can be repaired and only if the LCD and touch have not been damaged. This is advisable for the models where replacing the LCD and touch is usually expensive such as Samsung phones and newer iphones.

  • We replace touchscreen for Apple phones
    - We replace touchscreen for Samsung phones
    - We replace touchscreen for Nokia-Lumia phones
    - We replace touchscreen for Sony phones
    - We replace touchscreen for LG phones
    - We replace touchscreen for Alcatel phones
    - We replace LCD

Damaged LCD display is the most visible malfunction. The screen doesn't have an image or it only shows spilled colors. The replacement for the display usually doesn't include replacing the touchscreen if the surface layer was not broken. This malfunction can happen even due to the smallest system failure or bad pressure point in your pocket or purse. This is why we advise that when buying your phone you immediately place the protective film on the screen as well as one of the silicone protections for the device itself.

  • Navigation
    Mobi house offers the installation of GPS for all the types of mobile phones that support it. You can install maps you require. The only condition is that you have free 2gb of RAM and GPS support.
  • Tanslating the menu to Serbian
    If your phone does not have a Serbian menu and you'd like to have one, this service is for you. In most cases it is possible to insert Serbian menus, but for some models sadly it isn't. The price of this service ranges from 500 to 1600rsd depending on the model and software version of your phone.
  • Servicing tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
    Tablet computers and laptops are for their shape, form and manner of use succeptible to falling and getting damaged. The most frequent problem is fractured screen or touchscreen panels as well as software malfunction and other similar issues. We can obtain touchscreen panels and screens for most tablet models such as: SAMSUNG, IPAD, IPHONE, ASUS, ACER, TOSHIBA, PRESTIGIO, BLUEBERRY, GO CLEVER, VIVAX, HUAWEI…


Mobi house tablet service we can:
- Replacing touch screens for tablets
- Replacing tablet displays
- Replacing tablet batteries
- Fixing chargers and tablet connectors
- Fixing tablet electronics
- Updating android and tablet software

Some of the worst malfunctions on the tablets include: tablet won't start, tablet is not charging, broken connector, switch on button, tablet won't boot, android loading screen, broken touch screen, broken display and other. These are some of the malfunctions that we solve in our service daily.

We have a developed network for obtaining spare parts for tablet and laptop computers both in Serbia and in abroad, so we are able to obtain parts for devices that are rare or not represented in our market.

Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 9AM – 8PM
Sundays we are closed

Contact information:
Address: Cumicevo sokace, shop 66, Stari Grad

Mob: 063/253285
phone. 011/3241994
fax: 011/3241994