Mobile phones service Belgrade

Address: 13g Borska st., Rakovica
Belgrade Phone: 066/052-005

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Mobile phone and equipment service Mobi Plus is located at 13g Borska street in Rakovica, Belgrade. For a long line of years we have worked in repairs and servicing mobile phones as well as selling full accompanying equipment for mobile phones.

Seeing how today it is almost impossible to imagine successful communication among people without mobile phones, we reacted to that need by opening a service that will offer you full service and care in one place and make your phone work flawlessly.

The services that our Rakovica service can offer include:

- Replacing broken phone screen glass
- Replacing touchscreens
- Servicing and replacing every possible problem in your device
- Selling accompanying equipment for mobile phones (cases, chargers, earphones)
- Decoding phones
- Inserting Serbian language menu
- Purchasing broken phones

Our technicians have extensive experience in the area of mobile technology which allows them to easily approach the process of fixing your phone. In the shortest time possible we will make sure that you have a working device that will suit your needs.

By constantly tracking the progress of mobile technology we aim to keep in step with the times and ensure you reliable service at any moment. Fixing, servicing and purchase of mobile phones, decoding and inserting Serbian menus in the devices.

All in one place for your phone. Swift, efficient and affordable service in Rakovica.

Mobile phone service and equipment shop Mobi Plus Rakovica Belgrade.