Oil and oil products Belgrade

Address: 2 Radoja Dakica st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3076-225, 011/3076-858, 064/2707-896

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Sale of scooters and motors. Sale of motor oils (14 famous companies) only in original packaging. . * BP, Castrol, Elf, Shell, Modrica, Mobil, GM, Valvoline, INA, Tamoil, VS (Selenia), Viskol, Liqui Moly... - Hydraulic oils for working machines (fork lifters, cranes...) - petroleum and graphite jelly - Oil for steering gears and differentials - Break oils Top Liqui Moly additives (engine protection, against oil usage, against oil leak, fuel system cleaning, against cooler leak, cooler and engine rinsing, additives for BOSCH pipe lubricating..) Oil filters, air filters, fuel filters - cabin and hydraulic filters for cars, trucks, buses, motors and working machines. * Unico, Mann, Hengst, GM, Champion, Meca, Techneco... In sale we have also wipers (Champion), car batteries (Black Horse) and 15 kinds of scented refreshers. A wide selection of cosmetic products for cars and motors * Turtle Wax, Abro, Motorex, IL Piu, Energohemika Winter program - Antifrizi * Castrol, Total, Elf, Shell, Delta (Glysantin), Valvoline, Aurora, Modrica Sijalice (Osram, Tungsram, Dela, Narva)