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Useful information

It all started in a small town called HOYA (today Nishitokyo) in 1941. Two brothers, Shoichi and Shigeru Yamanaka had an ambitious plan to produce prescription lenses for glasses. On November 1st 1941, they founded the Toyo Optical Glass Manufacturing, later HOYA Corporation.

Passion for producing superior eyeglasses lenses

Despite the diversity of the product, HOYA’s passion for prescription lenses for glasses remained the driving force of their work. The incredible desire for innovations contributed to revolutionary results. In the domain of anti-reflexive layers, HOYA achieved a global reputation. The results date back to 1963, when HOYA successfully applied the anti-reflex layer to a mineral eyeglasses lens.

Service: integral part of HOYA’s DNA

Over the years, HOYA invested a lot of time in hearing the needs of their clients. This is why the service is one of the most important elements of HOYA’s organization. Hoya is certain that true added value can be achieved by opening up to partners and clients who are the main reason for their success.

Hoya’s factories work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering a broad spectrum of services ranging from finished lenses to installation using interactive tools like Hoya’s program for ordering lenses, MyStyle iDentifier program for order, MyStyleV+ progressive lenses and the device for visual centering visuReal.

Hoya always aimed to develop newer calculation techniques and methods of optimization to support the development of more advance designs of eyeglasses prescription lenses.

In order to have a positive effect on their clients’ experience, Hoya continues to work on developing service concepts and tools to help their clients in their everyday work.

Hoya also places great importance on educating professionals by organizing interesting lectures and training at Hoya’s Faculty in Budapest.

Everything we listed wouldn’t have been possible without Inno Vision, Hoya’s vision on innovation and Hoya’s innovations related to eyesight. Inno Vision is the foundation on which Hoya created technology, design and premium services now and in the future.

The philosophy of innovision consists of four co-related principles:
Visual perception – understanding the brain’s sensitivity to foggy images
Visual experience – achieving the most ideal correction for eyesight by adjusting the prescription
Design verification – testing the solutions in order to achieve maximum performance
Human behavior – taking note of the clients’ needs in order to better coordinate the final products with the users


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