Orthopedic, orthopedic tools Belgrade

Address: 50 Ugrinovacka st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/2614-064, 063/1164-064

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Ambulance lead by professional physiotherapist Sinisa Zoric, a member of the Society of Physiotherapists of Serbia and a member of the World Confederation of Physiotherapists
- 32 years experience
- A holistic, integrated and integrative treatment approach to creating treatments
- Mandatory work one on one

The clinic conducts physical therapy and rehabilitation

- Review (history, clinical, specialist)
- All forms of physical procedures
- All forms of manual procedures and general-authorized techniques
- Reflex therapy procedures
- kineziotaping
- All forms kineziotherapy procedures

The aforementioned services are conducted in the following areas:

- Orthopedics and Traumatology
- Sports Medicine
- neurology
- Rheumatology (degenerative, inflammatory)
- angiology
- All forms of physical development disorders
- Preoperative preparation for surgery
- Operative conditions of various Pathology