Ownership Transfer, car registration Belgrade

Address: 1 Odeska st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2831-090, 063/216-723

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DM-car Agency for providing the pre-registration services and transfer of ownership of vehicles offers the following services: - vehicle registration for legal entities and individuals-the option of paying in 6 installments (the first installment payment for 30 days) - compulsory insurance and car insurance in 12 installments - sales contracts, transfer and cancellation for all cities in Serbia - Technical Review - import and customs clearance vehicles - superior cleaning and polishing We also import cars from France, import engines from America and the complete freight forwarding service.
We are ready to provide you with the best terms with the most efficient implementation. RELIABLE - EFFICIENT - OFFER We assure you that we receive from time savings and means of payment, with more than fair and relationship. We are here to meet your needs for all other issues. WE ARE THE CUSTOMER FIRST PLACE *** With the DM-car you can peacefully drive ***
Our references are companies from the reputation and here are a few of them: - COOLAIR doo Vojvode Vlahovica 23b - FRIGOCENTAR doo Slobodan Jovic 37 - GOLD SIGNAL Crnotravska 4 - The Kingdom Kneza Milosa 86 - IHIS-Materials-Batajnicki put 23 - CB Richard Ellis Ltd. Omladinskih brigada 88b - Metaloplast Jevtic D.P. Saneta 2a