Ownership Transfer, car registration Belgrade

Address: 110v Visnjicka st., Palilula
Belgrade Phone: tel/fax: 011/2979-136, 2979-137, 064/1711-337, 061/6283-209

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Agency LAV PET is an experienced agency to provide services for registration of motor vehicles, which are more than ten years and works in Belgrade.

With us you can do:

- Insurance policy
- Transfer of ownership
- Car insurance
- Complete vehicle registration in the soup
- Life Insurance
- Registration of vessels vehicles (EXCLUSIVE PANČEVO)
- For taxis, passenger insurance gratis
- Purchase contracts for vehicles and boats
- Travel Insurance
- Registration in 6 installments (checks)

Check back in the street Višnjička 110v, where you will be a pleasant atmosphere await a winning smile of our agents who will meet.