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Pet salon, dog grooming Belgrade
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KERPER self-service dog wash

We know you love your dogs, but sometimes keeping them groomed can be impractical and tiring. One of the most complicated responsibilities of a dog owner, which the dogs often resist, is to provide their pets with regular bathing and grooming.

That's why now there is finally a great and practical solution for bathing your dog, so that after bathing, your bathroom will be clean and tidy, and you save time and nerves.

Kerper self-service dog wash is all you need. Self-service dog washing is very simple. Put the dog in the tub that is specially made for bathing dogs and follow the instructions on the machine. You have buttons on the machine, which you follow in order according to the stages of bathing:

  • Wet/rinse (pre-bath preparation and post-bath rinse)
  • Professional shampoo (comes out with water)
  • Conditioner (for lush and thick coat)
  • Products against fleas and ticks
  • Hair dryer
  • A break of no more than five minutes
  • Grooming

Please note that you will be provided with complete equipment and cosmetics

The recommended banknote to insert is 500 dinars. A minute costs 50 dinars, and 10 minutes is quite enough for a complete bath. If necessary, you can pay additional money.

Kerper self-service dog wash is intended for all breeds and sizes of dogs!

You can bring your dog for a swim whenever you want! We work 00-24h

For those who have no experience, there is a complete step-by-step video, and our phone number is always at your disposal for any questions!

Grooming dogs:

In addition to bathing, regular dog grooming is also important. In the salon, you can groom your dog at very reasonable prices, and groomers who use professional equipment and cosmetics are in charge of this. You can make an appointment with a groomer by calling 065 393 0056.


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