Pet salon, dog haircut Belgrade

Address: 3 Milesevska st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/344-77-63, 064/3525-421(Nikola), 064/951-29-20(Marko)

4.5/ 5stars

Beauty care for dogs and cats Grooming Time is set in the heart of the witch , in a quiet shady environment Sinđelićevog alley with a multilateral approach from the direction of Boulevard, Sindjeliceva streets , as well as the top of the Mileševo street.
This grooming salon make Skakić Nicholas and Marko Jakovljevic , two experienced enthusiasts and cynologists Groomer . Each of us has many years of experience with many different dog breeds and coat types . Also, we both have many years of experience both on the domestic and on the foreign scene as cynological exhibitors and Handlers .

Our salon services cover both the classification and care of cats .

In our salon pets are treated in the best possible way , in no way related , not sedate or physically punished . All that is customized to your pets feel beautiful and that they next visit inflicts pleasantness and satisfaction.

All services performed by top professional products for hair care and skin of dogs and cats. We treat all types of hair, from the long , silky , short, sharp , curled up special services rašćebavanja tangled and regenerate damaged by hair. We also provide specific types of services such as a spa program , hair coloring , drawing pencils , nail polish and hair extensions .

We provide services under the system of scheduling so that we can provide maximum service and fully commit to settling your pet. We work in a friendly , relaxed atmosphere adapted it to feel like home.

In any case, if you have a dog or a cat what you need , it's us !