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Pet salon, dog grooming Belgrade

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Want a clean and fragrant pet?

Want a clean and tidy bathroom?

The first self-service dog wash in Belgrade is now near you.

To help pet owners in maintaining, nurturing and regular hygiene of their pets, we opened the first self-service laundry for pets in Vozdovac in Belgrade. The concept of self-service wash is based on respect for the requirements and needs of both owners and their pets, in which the owner of a pile of hand and dry your dog.

We enable the owner to clean their pet with much less effort, effort and stress, compared to messing up your own bathroom regularly.

Animals enable faster and much safer tub with a rubber non-slip surface, high-quality organic shampoos and conditioners, drying professional hair dryer for pets and all this in the presence of the owner, whom they knew and believed.

It is particularly recommended for large breed dogs where bathing in the bathroom very difficult and often impossible.

Operating the device is simple and similar to the operation in the self-service car washes.
We offer the following options:

- Disinfection baths,
- Shampooing,
- Treatment against fleas and ticks,
- Regenerator,
- Flushing,
- drying

The fee for use of the device is 50 dinars for 1 minute of use. Paid time is automatically displayed on the display device and begin to run the activation of any of the options, and stops pressing the stop button FOREMAN: Break.

According to the experience of self-service car wash owners of dogs from Western Europe, as well as the manufacturer's recommendations, including a complete treatment and drying, depending on the breed of dog, weather conditions, and the experience of the users themselves, should take an average of 10 to 16 minutes, or from 500 to 800 pounds for a complete treatment of bathing and drying.

Bearing in mind that it is a completely new service in our market, our inexperience future users as well as our desire to offer our customers and their pets are fully satisfied, we bathed in the laundry PAS, we decided that each treatment lasts longer than 16 minutes goes to the wash. Which means that if you need additional time, due to slower drying hair, this time we provide.

Additionally, in the laundry room, and for faster drying and better looking hair, users can serve our towels as well as professional brzoupijajućim cloths and brushes that are disinfected after each use and whose use free of charge.

We urge pet owners to visit us and see for themselves the advantages of bathing a pet in our laundry.

Opening hours wash:
- Tuesday - Friday: 09-12 h 16 - 19 h;
- Saturday and Sunday: 10 h - 14 h;
- Monday: closed

Phone: 063 484 082
Address: Vitanovačka 1 / lokal 7 - Voždovac


SAMOUSLUŽNO KUPANJE PASA KUPA SE PAS Pet salon, dog grooming Beograd
SAMOUSLUŽNO KUPANJE PASA KUPA SE PAS Pet salon, dog grooming Beograd
SAMOUSLUŽNO KUPANJE PASA KUPA SE PAS Pet salon, dog grooming Beograd