Pet salon, dog haircut Belgrade

Address: 2 Gospodar Jovanova st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 069/250-79-72, 011/291-03-35

4.5/ 5stars

ShowGroom - pet grooming salon

We are located near Kalemegdan in the heart of Belgrade - Dorcol. We have recently begun work and we can proudly say that we have won the trust of many clients in that short time.

Our services involve grooming cats and doogs of all breeds and sizes as well as fur types.

Years of experience and a huge love for animals allow us to approach your pets professionally and with a lot of care, wanting to make them feel comfortable during their treatment.

We don't tie or punish the pets if they are disobedient. We take care to adjust to every individual pet and make their visit a pleasure.

The services we offer include:
- Bathing
- Dog grooming
- Cat grooming without sedation
- Trimming
- furminating
- unmatting
- paw, nail and ear grooming
- anti-flea and anti-tick treatments
- packages for regenerating damaged fur

We use only the highest quality professional cosmetics in our work.

We'd like to highlight: All System, Show tech, Chris Christensen, Bio groom and many others.

We treat all kinds and lengths of fur and in the process make sure your pet looks irresistible in every moment.

We have special bath tubs for large dog breeds that they can enter and exit themselves even if they have trouble moving. We made an effort to respect our clients' wishes and give their pets the best and most pleasant treatments they deserve.

In addition to general grooming we also offer grooming treatments to breed standards for shows and all breeds.

Other services:
- Dyeing
- Highlights
- Nail polish

Salon ShowGroom works by appointment so we must ask that you always call us in advance and tell us you'll be visiting so we can give your pet our undivided attention.

Working hours;
Workdays: 10AM - 6PM
Saturdays: 10AM - 4PM