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Address: 7đ Omladinskih brigada st., store 1, Novi Beograd // 7e Omladinskih brigada st., Novi Beograd
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Twelve years of practice in dentistry for dogs, cats and rodents, and fifteen years of experience and practice in internal medicine and surgery for pets, are reason enough to visit us. As the only certified expert in dentistry dogs, cats and rodents, I am able to give your pet the following services: - Prevention - Radiological diagnosis (one-time dental dental X-ray) - grinding molars and bite correction in rodents - ultrasonic scaling and polishing teeth - Correction of bite and irregular growth of the teeth (braces) - stopping teeth - Filling the canal - Upgrading of teeth - Extraction of teeth - maxillo-facial surgery - vestibuloplastics (correction tight lips in certain breeds of dogs, the pr.Shar-pei) In addition to the above our aim is primarily PREVENTION, EDUCATION owners and of course the early diagnosis of the problem. In this way, knowledge, experience, care, new technical equipment are here to be your responsible advisers. Stevanovic Other health services of our hospital: - Prevention - Vaccination - Protection of ecto and endoparasites - Diagnostics - Laboratory analysis of blood and urine - Serological tests - histopathology and cytology - Microbiology - scarifications skin - Radiologic diagnosis - Surgery - Reproduction - Hospitalization - Marking of dogs and cats - Hygienic clipper dogs and cats - Regular toilets - Clipping in the sedation or anesthesia, animals that are aggressive and uncooperative - medicated feed Opening hours: Business Day: from 13 - 20h Saturdays: 10 am - 14pm Sundays by arrangement with the owners.