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Pharmacy Nives started with its work in 2004. It is located in the newly built part of Block 29 on Novi Beograd at the sport hall Arena. Work hours: 08-20:30h Saturday 08-20h Sunday 09-14h We have the complete palette of drugs and medical accessories from domestic manufacturers (Galenika, Hemofarm, Zdravlje, Zorka pharma, Remevita...), as well as foreign (Lek, Krka,Bosnalijek, Alkaloid, Bayer, Upsa, Pfizer, GlaxoKlineSmith, Aventis, Altana;Dietpharm, Natural Wealth, Strong Nature, ESI, Nutripharm, Walmark...) Baby food and equipment, as well as the dental program - The products that we don't have at the moment, we order in 24 hours! Your pharmacy Nives


APOTEKA NIVES Pharmacies Beograd
APOTEKA NIVES Pharmacies Beograd
APOTEKA NIVES Pharmacies Beograd