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Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Ascendens, was founded after fifteen years of clinical work at the Military Medical Academy by the senior physiotherapist Slobodan Porcic.

Rehabilitation at home and its implementation, is as successful thanks to our experience of working at the Military Medical Academy. Our knowledge is continually advanced through participation in congresses and seminars, where among other things we became a McKenzie therapist. The knowledge and experience contribute to the proper selection of therapy, which leads to faster recovery.

Together with his research associates, the Ascendens clinic offers a number of different approaches to the treatment of diseases and injuries of muscle, musculoskeletal and nervous systems, using a wide range of procedures, such as:

- Manual therapy including
kinetic therapy, mobilization and manipulation of joints (where the mobilization of a repetition of slow rhythmic movements of one part of the body, while the manipulation represents a single, quick motion. Most commonly used for pain in the neck, chest and lumbar section of the spine, but also in all other joints, hip, knee ..), manual massage (therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, anticelulite massage and lymphatic drainage ...)

- The McKenzie method which is a technique number one in the world for self-treatment of pain in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spinal column. This method aims to eliminate or reduce symptoms and pain, as well as increasing the mobility of the spine. This is achieved by the first examination and treatment!

- PHYSICAL THERAPY in which the applied laser, ultrasound, electromagnetic field and electrotherapy

- KINETIC TAPING (use of special elastic bands for therapeutic purposes)

Ambulance Ascendens special emphasis on prevention and elimination of opportunities for the development of certain illnesses, which is achieved by adjusting the attitude, how the whole body, as well as individual segments.

Users of private insurance Delta Generali and Uniqa, we provide our services at the agreed CENOVNIK-u.

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